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Fernando José Novaes Brazilian, Chemical Engineer for the Chemical Engineering School - USP - Lorena, SP imagem Glifo and Specialized in Polymer Materials for the Sao Carlos Federal University - UFSCar imagem Glifo. Has many additional courses in Brazil, USA and Holland. In 1985 joined in Volkswagen Brazil Taubate Plant, where worked as Material Laboratory Supervisor and Quality Audit.

In 1996 began the Polilab Consultancy, where obtained success and accomplished many jobs in reference to materials development, surveys, training and implementation of quality systems.

In the period between 1998 and 2001, again in the Volkswagen Brazil imagem Glifo, now in Anchieta Plant, exercised Product Engineer function, with the responsibility to select and conceive polymers materials in plastics parts and led the approval materials for new designs. Former Professor of the Polymer Sciences in the Chemical Engineering School Lorena. Entrepreneur and Consultant, has several years of experience concentrated in development, quality, production and environmental management issues.

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